Dr.Bisanga New York Consultations

Doctor Bisanga will be in New York to hold consultations on 27 October, 2014. They are free of charge and without obligation and an opportunity to get donor density, laxity, design etc looked at or a check-up for previous patients.

Please contact carmen@bhrclinic.com for further information regarding this event and venue details.


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  1. Thanks for the comment. All though bear in mind it’s not always what “most” say that is important. It’s what the right person, one who has personal and professional experience of the game, and happy to ethically share their knowledge, which is priceless and worth noting. However, we here at H.T.A endeavour to give good impartial advice and would always encourage the viewer to evaluate any articles (ours or anyone elses’) with the wider community, as you have done.

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  2. Thanks for your comment. We don’t publish articles by “guest writers” as such, as, although this is a forum that openly discusses hair-loss and respective therapies, all the articles and galleries within represent BHR Clinic and the work of the doctors associated with it. We therefore have to be mindful of the content and accuracy of any articles published. We do, however, encourage comments in keeping with the spirit and subject matter, and would therefore allow such comments from a third party that would be labelled as such.

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